AutoTest BI
AutoTest BI, helps testing business intelligence systems through schedule driven data warehouse testing engine

AutoTest BI is built using open source components and can be easily integrated with Linux, Unix and Microsoft environments and leading SQL database management systems. Our AutoTest BI will take just few hours for deployment as a hosted service. Also, we have options for full service ready for installations on your server. This easy integration and deployment gives your teams an edge to kick start testing of mission – critical ETL routines. Our experienced team members will take care of implementation and training of resources. Contact us today for more information on how to get started with our AutoTestBI.
  • Plug and Play installation of BI automated testing framework
  • Reduction in man hours by 85%
  • Completely automated scheduled test runs
  • Supports wide range of KPI’s for monitoring quality assurance objectives
  • Auto logs to capture exceptions during script handling